T-Rex Alberta II
Dubbel Overdrivepedal
1795 kr
T-Rex BassJuice
1290 kr
T-Rex Diva Drive
Overdrive pedal med blendfunktion.
1590 kr
T-Rex FuelTank Classic Strömförsörjning
8 st 9 Volt samt 2 st 12 Volt
1395 kr
T-Rex Möller 2
1890 kr
T-Rex Reptile II
Delaypedal med tap-tempo och filter.
1890 kr
T-Rex Vulture
Distortionspedal med extra mycket botten.
1390 kr
T-Rex Creamer Reverbpedal
So, you finally got your rig dialed in and it sounds fantastic, but sometimes you feel like adding...
1390 kr
T-Rex Diva Drive Overdrive pedal med blendfunktion
The most musical drive out there, DIVA adds all the edge
you want without ever threatening your c...
1590 kr
T-Rex FuelTank Goliath Strömförsörjning
9-18 Volt, upp till 450 mA per utgång.
2390 kr
T-Rex Karma Boost 16db Boostpedal
One simple pedal, so many uses. Rely on your KARMA to make sure your solos cut through—even if you...
1390 kr
T-Rex Mudhoney II Dual Distortion
Dirty and sweet, this classic dual distortion pedal has been praised for its amazing tonal range a...
1750 kr
T-Rex Nitros Hypergain Distortionspedal
The Nitros certainly does capture a very punchy and scooped high gain distortion, but being the mo...
1590 kr
T-Rex Octavius Dubbeloktavpedal med Boost
Octavius gives you everything you could want in octave generation – plus incredible T-Rex tone.
2290 kr
T-Rex Quint Machine Dubbeloktavpedal med kvint upp
Turn your guitar into so much more, with individually adjustable octave up, octave down and 5th up...
2095 kr
T-Rex Replay Box Delaypedal med tap-tempo och rytm-switch
We have had many requests for a more straight sounding delay pedal that is clearer and more true t...
2095 kr
T-Rex Replica Delaypedal
The Replica delay from T-Rex Engineering has won so much praise and received so many great reviews...
3495 kr
T-Rex Replicator Analog Tape Echo
The Replicator is T-Rex Engineering´s take on the ultimate tape echo unit, complete with a motor, ...
8695 kr
T-Rex Shafter Wah 3in1 wah-wah w. boost
A rugged, highly versatile wah-wah effect that puts you in charge of your pedal instead of the oth...
1495 kr
T-Rex Tunemaster Stämapparat
The Tunemaster is a no-frills chromatic tuner that does one thing really well: Showing you if you ...
910 kr
T-Rex Vulture Distortionspedal med extra mycket botten
The Vulture started its life, when Michael plugged in one of the very first pedals we made. That p...
1390 kr