Strymon Flint Tremolo & Reverb
The magical combination of tremolo and reverb is the earliest example of a perfect guitar effects ...
3499 kr
Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator
Boutique pedaler från amerikanska Strymon. Mycket kraftfull SHARK-DSP skapar det bästa reverbet nå...
3499 kr
Strymon El Capistan dTape Delay
When we decided to develop an effects pedal that delivers the sound and feel of our favorite tape ...
3499 kr
Strymon Mobius Multi-Modulation
Some might say we’re driven. When our engineers lock themselves in our sound design labs for month...
4995 kr
Strymon OB1 Clean Boost & Compressor
OB.1 combines studio quality, beautifully transparent analog optical compression with a Clean Boos...
2595 kr
Strymon Timeline Delay
When we decided to create a studio-class stereo delay effects pedal, we knew we must go well beyon...
4995 kr
Strymon Big Sky Multi Reverb
To create a reverb experience as natural, beautiful, and immersive as BigSky required tremendous f...
5295 kr
Strymon Brigadier dBucket Delay
In setting out to design Brigadier, we decided to take a super-powerful SHARC DSP and dedicate all...
3499 kr
Strymon Deco Tape Saturation and Doubletracker
Our journey begins with the early recording studios of the ’50s and ’60s. The introduction of reel...
3499 kr
Strymon Dig Dual Delay
DIG unearths the true soul of digital delay and doubles it—two simultaneous, integrated delays wit...
3499 kr
Strymon Lex Rotary Effect
When we decided to create a studio-class pedal that faithfully recreates the classic, unmistakable...
3499 kr
Strymon Miniswitch Footswitch
Används för att styra Favourite, Tap Tempo och Boost.
749 kr
Strymon Multi Switch
Extra switch till Timeline, BigSky och Mobius.
1249 kr
Strymon Ojai Multi Power Supply
Extremt kompakt och ändå extremt kraftfull. Individuellt isolerade utgångar, extremt lågt brus.
1795 kr
Strymon Ola dBucket Chorus / Vibrato
When we set out to design Ola dBucket Chorus and Vibrato, we knew that we wanted to take a high-pe...
3499 kr
Strymon Orbit dBucket Flanger
With the Orbit dBucket Flanger, we’ve painstakingly recreated every aspect of some of the greatest...
3499 kr
Strymon Riverside Multistage Drive
Riverside is the culmination of a thorough analysis of numerous analog and vacuum tube circuits. O...
3499 kr
Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive
Sunset gives you the best of the best classic overdrive circuits, custom voiced for instantly grat...
3499 kr
Strymon Zuma Multi Power Supply
Världens bästa pedal strömförsörjning? Kraftull, extremt lågt brus, helt enkelt hur bra som helst.
2899 kr