Black Sheep

Black Sheep Analog Phaser
The Black Sheep Analog Phaser is a compact, true bypass, sturdy built pedal that faithfully recrea...
549 kr
Black Sheep Power Tuner
Kompakt Tuner-pedal och 1.6 Ampere strömförsörjning för övriga pedaler
899 kr
Black Sheep Analog Delay
The Black Sheep Analog Delay is a true Bucket Brigade pedal delivering that organic and musical an...
599 kr
Black Sheep Time Maker Stereo Delay
The Black Sheep Time Maker Delay pedal opens up a world of time-bending, delay-fuelled possibiliti...
1295 kr
Black Sheep Tape Echo
The Black Sheep Tape Echo is a digital Tape Delay pedal that gives you the classic and sought afte...
899 kr
Black Sheep ThreeVerb Reverb
The Black Sheep ThreeVerb pedal is a digital Reverb pedal with three different voicings, Room, Spr...
799 kr
Black Sheep Trelicopter Tremolo
The Black Sheep Trelicopter Tremolo offers the iconic Optical Tremolo sound of yesteryears, with c...
549 kr
Black Sheep Pedal Tuner
ompakt Tuner-pedal, high precision.
449 kr
Black Sheep Analog Chorus
The Black Sheep Analog Chorus is a compact, true bypass, sturdy built analog Chorus pedal with big...
599 kr
Black Sheep Pure Echo
The Black Sheep Pure Echo is a workhorse Delay pedal that covers most needs for any guitarist. Wit...
899 kr
Black Sheep Analog Flanger
The Black Sheep Analog Flanger is a compact, true bypass, sturdy built pedal that faithfully recre...
549 kr
Black Sheep Holy War Distortion
Distortions-pedal för Heavy Metal, Doom, Thrash, Grindcore m.m.
549 kr
Black Sheep Looper
Kompakt Looper-pedal med 10 minuter loop-tid och USB för export/import av loopar
949 kr
Black Sheep Distortion-1
Distortions-pedal med Level, Tone och Gain för många olika stilar
449 kr