TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay & Looper i gruppen Stränginstrument / Effekter / Effektpedaler gitarr hos Musikanten i Umeå AB (93272)
TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay & Looper
TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay & Looper
TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay & Looper

TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay & Looper

The new Flashback 2 serves up a sonic buffet of expressive delay by infusing the pressure sensitive MASH technology with our renowned delay algorithms.
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TC Electronic
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MASH technology
New realistic Tape and Analog Algorithms
New Crystal delay features Sub 'N' Up octave algorithm
8 high quality delay types and 3 TonePrint slots
40 second looper

Stereo in/out
True Bypass or Buffered Bypass
Delay time, Level, and Feedback controls
Switch between different rhythmic subdivisions with more available through TonePrint Editor

Connect external tap pedal through stereo jack
Small footprint
High quality components
Road-ready design
Spillover on/off
MASH reacts to the amount of pressure you put on the switch.
The harder you press, the more intense the effect.
We made MASH controllable through the free TonePrint Editor which means that, you can assign to any parameter and up to 3 parameters at once.
For each delay preset, MASH will control a different parameter and let you express yourself without having to bend down to turn knobs and without the trouble of getting a dedicated expression pedal.
For example, you can assign MASH to raise the delay time as you press down, subtly increase the delay feedback into full-blown self-oscillation, or gradually add and deepen chorus modulation for out-of-tune flutters.

We seriously improved the Tape and Analog algorithms to make them more realistic than ever, displaying all of the idiosyncratic flutters and warbles reminiscent of the old days.
Twisting the Delay knob while playing will alter the pitch of the repeats and cranking the feedback sends the pedal spinning into self-oscillation ecstasy.
With MASH added to the mix, you no longer have to strain your back to reach down and twist knobs while mid solo.
Just set MASH to control the parameter you have in mind and rock!

The tantalizing Crystal delay takes advantage the same cutting edge polyphonic octave algorithm that made the Sub 'N' Up Octaver a succes.
By shifting the pitch of the delayed signal up an octave through each feedback loop, we've created an immaculate shimmer.
MASHing in this setting sends the delays into self-oscillation, providing you with surges of incandescent tone.
Typ av effekt:Reverb / Delay